I’d first like to thank you for arriving at my site and say that I am very grateful you chose to come here!  I also want to congratulate you for honouring that part of you that motivated you to even be curious about what Stillpoint Intuition was all about!  There are no accidents or coincidences, and I believe we are led to the people and experiences that are meant to further our spirits along.  So here we are and I’d like to share my perspective on life as it is right in this moment for me.  I am going to use a driving metaphor to describe my path here, which is ironic since I have always been directionally challenged!! But here goes…….

There were times when the road underneath me was smooth and I glided forward happily and contented, and  times when the road was riddled with potholes that bumped and jarred my belief in myself and the world around me.  I took wrong turns that led me far from myself and what I knew to be true and dead ends that left me questioning what direction Now??  I always welcomed that beloved U turn that allowed me to pivot and head the other way, always full of promise that a better place was up ahead.  And so, here I am today, with a shiny new road of possibility stretching out in front of me and I am excited for what lays ahead.  I know I will be just fine because although my human self may be directionally challenged, spirit is not, and what a great passenger to take along for the ride!!

Always know, if you find yourself discovering places and experiences you never realized were out there, you are never lost, just “re-calculating” as my trusted GPS Tom would say!

So keep your eyes on the road and pay attention to the signs along the way!  Until next time…….