I remember being a young girl of six or seven, walking with my father and telling him I knew what people were going to say before they said it!  He acted surprised, then asked “Okay, what am about to say”?…..I of course replied with my answer, and he exclaimed “Exactly!”  I didn’t doubt for a moment that he wasn’t being truthful or authentic with me.

As with most of us, as I grew up, life for me challenged my childlike innocence and unconditional belief in my intuitive gift.  I was encouraged to view life through a “logical and realistic” lens, which meant considering only the visual facts I saw before me.

It took me many years and many different paths to re-introduce myself to that part of me I had forgotten, but it had not forgotten me! Spiritual teachers and mentors appeared and with their guidance, I was able to understand and strengthen my gifts.   I am looking forward to helping you towards fully remembering You and your unique gifts, and living the life you were born to live!