About me

I have been offering my gifts as a medium, psychic, meditation teacher, Qigong Instructor for many years.   I have had the privilege of working with many spiritual teachers and mentors throughout my life and bring all of this experience when working with YOU.  I look forward to helping you towards fully remembering who you are, why you are here and how you can fulfill your soul’s purpose in this lifetime.   Time to recognize your unique gifts and to start living the life you were born to live!


All readings are via Zoom, FT, or  Skype

~Mediumship channeled session~

This reading offers an opportunity to connect with loved ones who have passed over.  Receive messages and guidance channeled from your loved ones and guides.  The information received is always for your highest good and highest healing.   1 hour reading~$150.00

~Life at a glance session~

This reading offers insights and guidance into all areas of your life; health, career/work, relationships, family.  Ask your questions!  I will tap into your energy and channel information to bring you the answers and guidance you are seeking.    1 hour reading~$150.00

NEW!!!!  ~Personalized Meditation Recordings ~

These 15 minute personal meditations are channeled from Spirit specifically for you ! Spirit sees you, knows you, and is able to provide you with whatever your heart needs …soothing, ease, reassurance, elevation, whatever is needed by you at this time.  No meditation experience is needed….just breathe, relax and let Spirit  share with you what you didn’t even know you needed!
15 minute personal meditation recording delivered to your in-box~$40.00