Intuitive Readings



Benefits of a Reading:

-insight into areas of your life that are challenging for you

-confidence in yourself to make difficult decisions

-realization of support from the spirit world, you are not alone!

-hope and a renewed sense of purpose

-clarity and direction to move forward

-you are reminded of the beautiful, loveable being you are who deserves to live a full and abundant life.  It’s your birthright!

What happens during a reading?

-I tune in to your soul energy and relay whatever information would be beneficial to you in response to a particular question you pose, or for your life in general.

-you may ask questions at any time during our session

-you will only hear what you are ready to hear and the information is always for your highest good and highest healing

-you may also receive awareness around your patterns and how they have  motivated you towards certain choices and behaviours

Readings offered in Person, Phone, Skype, FaceTime, and e-mail

30 minute reading-$40.00      60 minute reading-$80.00

 E-mail readings:  1 question (1-2 pg.pdf document)-$30.00

                                 3 questions (3-5 pg.pdf document)-$70.00

How to book a reading:

  1. Decide which option would work best for you
  2. Pay for your session
  3. Click the “Book Appointment” button below
  4. I will call you on the day of your reading at the phone # you provided or the Skype name, or in case of an e-mail reading, I will send you your answers within 24hrs. via e-mail.

When booking an e-mail reading, please e-mail your question(s) to me.  Once I have received your request, I will tune in to you and your energy and reflect on your questions.  The answers you receive will be as thorough, complete and accurate as a phone or skype or in person reading.  I will respond within 24hr of receiving your e-mail.

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